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An SMS white label platform is a service that allows businesses to send text messages to their customers or clients using their own branding, rather than the branding of the platform provider. This enables businesses to maintain a consistent brand identity while still being able to take advantage of the platform’s features. 

An SMS white label platform works by allowing businesses to send text messages to their customers or clients through a web-based interface or an API integration. The platform provider handles the technical aspects of delivering the messages, while the business maintains control over the message content and branding. 

Using an SMS white label platform can help businesses increase customer engagement and retention, improve communication and customer service, and drive sales through targeted messaging campaigns. It also provides businesses with greater flexibility and control over their messaging strategy. 

Any business that wants to communicate with its customers or clients via text message can benefit from using an SMS white label platform. This includes e-commerce companies, service providers, healthcare providers, and more. 

When choosing an SMS white label platform, look for features such as two-way messaging, message scheduling, message personalization, reporting and analytics, and integrations with other marketing and CRM tools.  How secure is an SMS white label platform? An SMS white label platform should offer robust security features, such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and data protection measures to ensure the privacy and security of customer data. 


The cost of an SMS white label platform can vary depending on the provider and the features included. Generally, providers charge based on the number of messages sent, with pricing typically ranging from a few cents to a few dollars per message. However, costs can be cut due to the freedom to choose a partner, allowing businesses to find the most cost-effective option for their needs.


In the context of a software platform, “unbranded” may refer to a version of the platform that removes the branding of the platform provider but does not provide any additional customization or administrative features to the renter.  In contrast, a “white label” platform typically offers a greater level of customization and branding options, allowing the renter to fully integrate the platform into their own website or app and manage the administrative features.  In summary, an unbranded platform may offer the benefit of removing the platform provider’s branding, but a white label platform typically offers more advanced customization and administrative options for the renter.

This depends on customizations required by client, normally it takes from 1 week to 10 days to get live.

No you don’t need any technical skills to manage our platform, is easy to use and you’ll trained by use for manage it completelly, as well we are pleased to inform you that we have a comprehensive manual that explains our white label SMS platform step by step. This manual will guide you through every aspect of our platform, from setting up your account to sending messages to your customers. You can use it as a reference whenever you have questions or need help. If you need further assistance or have any questions, our customer support team is always available to assist you.


We do reply to ticket in business hours Monaday to Friday from 8 to 18 CET normally in 30  minutes.